Our Team

Meet the people behind CUE:

Jake Lewis is the founder of The Hardware Store, a business incubator and freelance collective located in a growing neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Jake has been involved in several web application startups and has broad experience in entrepreneurship, web development, brand, and marketing.

Kortney Morris is the technical manager at Brand ID. She is a senior web developer with a passion for writing great code and a desire for filling the web with functional and beautiful pages. With more than 6 years of experience designing and coding websites, she has grown with the industry from those first hand-coded tables to powerful, dynamic, HTML5 sites.

Meagan Ryan is a Graphic Design Student, and experienced photographer and novice coder. Began studying graphic design and photography in high school. Held position as print specialist for pulp., a literary and art journal.

Bill Gorman has been programming since age 13, and has his father to thank for his first DOS system (if anyone remembers those). Programming is not only a skill but a part of the core of his being. To him, finding solutions through a keyboard and artful design of program architecture is second nature.

Josh McKay is a branding & identity creative consultant, graphic designer, marketing content curator & web designer/developer.

Rich Michaels is a Pittsburgh native freelance Branding, IT, and Front-End Web Design Consultant. His mission is to build capacity through Innovative Technology, Cloud Based Productivity, Practical Design & End User Support.

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